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We have risen to the challenge of the NORTH and created a Kilpi brand of outdoor clothing and accessories. They have been tested by the unrestrained north, by its pride and dignity as well as uncompromising demands and claims of the mythical heroes´ country. If you really want to experience the real winter, you have to be prepared. Kilpi means „shield“ in Finnish. Therein the nature and  houses have built up their defence, you need it as well. You can rely on Kilpi clothes and accessories.  

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They will protect you and make you feel safe and secure. 

In KILPI range you can find an entire outfit both for winter and summer, accessories and even some trifles. You are going to be dressed up for a trip to the country as well as to the city, for sport activities and even for relaxation moments. We will outfit you with purpose-built and design jackets, perfect fit trousers, functional underwear and even stylish and trendy T-shirts. And when the burning summer takes the turn over a severe winter you can go swimming in our swimwear or take other summer items.

Outdoor clothing has to be functional and reliable first of all. The processing quality, sophisticated and well-developed details and the choice of the most appropriate technologies form the basis of the high-guality outdoor clothing Kilpi. We created up-to-date and advanced Siberium® material, which has undergone more than 10-year development. Siberium® makes use of the principle of fibreglass laminating, it is very firm and stable, permeable and elastic. Owing to these features and characteristics our winter and softshell jackets are able to replace and compensate a few layers of clothes.

Siberium® will provide you with a reliable protection against external influences and an unlimited comfort of movement under all circumstances. Wide range of Siberium® materials then assures a choice of the most suitable and convenient jacket for your activities. For the extreme conditions we have developed and designed the unique range Siberium® NANO. The supreme range of Siberium® material takes advantage of modern nanotechnologies, owing to which Siberium®Nano is much thinner and more pliable than the standard materials. The unrivalled pliantness by wearing and the highest functionality even in the extreme conditions represent the basic characteristics of our premium material. And KILPI goes even further. The used fabrics and materials from the Japanese company TORAY with 90-year tradition create an absolute elite on the market. The product range KILPI with an avalanche rescue system RECCO will give you the utmost security on the slope as well as out of it.

You love and adore challenges, which entirely check your abilities. You are not sufficient with adrenalin ride on the most precipitous slopes and pistas and you desire to get even further. You enjoy inconceivable heights and altitudes, solitude and silence, where only your accelerated breath and thesound of ice axe punching the stone can be heard. Kilpi will be with you both on the plains and on the rocks, it will help you at the highest speed even the most staggering and dizzying height. You are going to set up for a peaceful cross-country ski hike and after the pleasant day on fresh air you must visit your favourite club with your friends. We will dress you up also for the moments of relaxation. The lazy afternoons spent by the water you can then enjoy with your family none but in our swimwear. And if you keep spending your chilly mornings fishing, waiting for the take will also be comfortable in Kilpi clothes.

Either with a family or alone, the north is impressive. We have put together the beauty of unrestrained north with the uncompromising quality. Because the winter in the north is the winter of Kalevala. The mythical characters and their message come alive again in the atmosphere of the Nordic winter and they dictate the terms. We are able to dress you up in a way that you will enjoy even the traditional Kalevala winter and you will make it an unrepeatable experience. Kilpi will enable you to realize what is substantial: satisfaction of surpassing yourself and the joy of sharing extraordinary moments with your close friends. These moments are going to be entirely yours. So do the right choice. Our clothing will help you wherever you go.

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Tested by the north, examined by people.