Adéla Voráčková

I run, jump, laugh and live.

Adéla Voráčková

Adéla Voráčková

Personal data

Name: Adéla Voráčková
Place: Ostrava
Year of birth: 1993

My story

For me, my first physical activities were ballet and gymnastics. I was glad to get acquainted this way. Gracefulness, dynamics and skilfulness are the basis of all physical motion. At the age of 9, I grew fond of  horses and from the age of 12 up until today, I still take part in showjumping. Horses and the work around them gave me discipline, regularity, strength, endurance and devotion. Horse riding may be odd for many people, but those who get acquainted with it, love it.

At the age of 16, I decided not to be a princess and started to run track like any athlete. Every day, I would circle the stadium and breathe in the Ostrava smog during the winter. I couldn’t even walk normally with my aching legs, and yet I fell in love with this movement and it became a part of my life. A coach later took me under his wing and I began my period of life at the SSK Vítkovice athletic club. After two years, I began to specialize in the 3000 m obstacles (steeplechase), I have now been running this discipline for several years in the SSK Vítkovice's extra league team. I thank the teammates from the "Gusta team" and for the runners around me, who are tenacious and tireless and go for their goals, which helps me immensely, to motivate me and prove that nothing is impossible!

I have always enjoyed running around the Beskydy Forest near our cottage. It requires attention and is  about more than just sweat. In 2017, I took part in the "Spartan Race" obstacle race for the first time. I took 2nd place in the elite category without any special training and I found something in which I can use all my previous sports training. I was against this "Spartan World" at first, but it is hard to resist running over hills, forests and hanging by both hands.

 I do not have a dream, rather a wish - to be healthy and happy with what I do and continue to  improve. When you put your heart  into a race and switch your head to "racer" mode, almost everything is possible! Who knows what tomorrow will bring :)

My successes


  • Spartan Race Bytom (PL) SUPER –  1st place
  • Spartan Race Donovaly (SK) SPRINT –  2nd place
  • MAD Race Ostrava (Czech Republic) –  1st place
  • Spartan Race Vargesztes (HUN) SPRINT –  2nd place
  • Spartan Race Kouty (CZ) SUPER –  2nd place
  • Spartan Race Kouty (CZ) SPRINT –  1st place
  • European Championship Spartan Race Morzine (FR) BEAST –  5th place
  • Spartan Race Kubinska Hoľa (SR) SUPER –  2nd place
  • Spartan Race Kubinska Hoľa (SR) SPRINT –  1st place
  • Maj Day - Race Pair Mix - 1st Place


  • Maj Day - Race pair mix –  2nd place
  • Spartan Race Litovel (CZ) SPRINT –  2nd place
  • Spartan Race Liberec (CZ) SPRINT –  1st place