Dalibor Konečný

Outdoor fanatic, a cycling enthusiast and climbing lover.

Dalibor Konečný

Dalibor Konečný

Personal data

Name: Dalibor Konečný

Place: Ostrava

Year of birth: 1989

My story

At grammar school, I played a lot of airsoft and spent weekends out in the woods and sleeping in the open air. I began to ride more often on a bike. At university, I climbed and spent all my free time on the rocks around Brno and on the climbing wall. We also went climbing to Slovenia, Italy, Spain, and even to Vietnam.

A great fondness for traveling began by walking the Way of St. James. All my holidays are associated with some sort of sporting performance. An active rest is better than a passive rest. And a bicycle is my regular companion.

  • RoadCup 2018, Road Marathon Series - 4th overall
  • Silesia Bike Marathon - 13th overall / 3rd place in the category
  • SPAC Grand Prix of Frýdek-Místek - SPAC Championship in Time Series - 3rd place
  • SPAC - Mokrolazecká 60 - 7th overall / 3rd place in the category

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