Helena Schrommová

Helena Schrommová

Helena Schrommová

Personal information

Name: Helena Schrommova

Place: Jesenik

Year of birth: 1995


A native from the mountain town of Jeseník, a student at the University of Economics in Prague, and mainly a lover of the mountains, winter and skiing. I started with competitive ski racing somewhat later than my peers and the skiing was more like a hobby. I tried the speed skiing discipline and I immediately fell in love. I knew this was what I wanted to do, and I needed to start doing more professionally, so I had a good look and went into it with the support of my family. But at the age of 20, I had an accident and my world turned upside down, and I lost two racing seasons and for a long time my best friends were my crutches. Since I can't sit for very long, it was the greatest punishment for me to be locked up at home and not able to do anything, so I decided to travel with my crutches to work abroad and improve my foreign language skills.

My motivation to return to the skis was enormous and 670 days after the accident I finally stood at the start gate, namely the MČR race in Špindlerův Mlýn, where I battled it out for the bronze medal. It showed me that if a person really wants something badly enough and are working towards it, nothing is impossible. Downhill skiing and mostly speed skiing are my disciplines – downhill and super-G are mainly about experience and I am now gathering this experience in the European and American cups and I am heading far higher.

In addition to skiing, I am also studying for my master’s degree at the Faculty of International Relations at VŠE in Prague, I speak fluent English and German, I love travelling and I am not afraid of new challenges.


  • 3rd place CR Championship – downhill
  • 2nd place Slovenia Championship – downhill
  • 12th place South American Cup Chile – Super-G
  • 10th place South American Cup Chile – Downhill