Jakub Merle

Jakub Merle

Jakub Merle

Personal details

Name: Jakub Merle

City: Kraslice

Year of birth: 1987

My story

From an early age I was led to sports. I went through a racing swimming, an athletics, a modern pentathlon, a triathlon. Almost everything that has affected my life enough to dedicate it to a sport. This has been also reflecting in the upbringing of my children and running of whole family. We try to spend as much time outside as possible not only doing the sports.

The most valuable achievements I have sofar reached are the vice-champion in the Czech Republic Championship in modern triathlon and tetrathlon, participation in the European Championship and World Championship in modern triathlon and tetrathlon, 2nd place in the European Championship in modern triathlon of relays, the champion of the Ústí nad Labem region in short triathlon, the vice-champion of the Karlovy Vary region in triathlon, a training half marathon run in 1: 12.98 and many others.

In the years to come I would desire to be nominated for the XTERRA World Championship (an off-road triathlon) and thus make the most of all the hard work. I would also like to focus on coaching children and adolescents as passing on experience is the best thing you can do for your surroundings.

My achievements

  • The Champion of the Karlovy Vary region in a triathlon
  • The Night Run Cup - 1st place in the
  • The Czech Off-road Triathlon Cup - 2nd place in the M30-34 category
  • The Czech off-road Triathlon Cup - 3rd place in the overall ranking
  • BikeXrun Leipzig - 1st place and the track record
  • Local running and triathlon races - several track records

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