Jakub Powada

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Jakub Powada

Jakub Powada

Personal information

Name: Jakub Powada

Place: Ostrava

Year of birth: 1993

My story

From the age of 3 months until the age of twenty I swam. At first, I went to classes and from the 4th grade in primary school I devoted myself to the fullest to competitive swimming.

I am a club record holder and I also represented the swimming team. After graduating, I went to university and thus switched to TT. I came to compete triathlons through my coach (Mgr. Lukáš Vrobel). He asked me if I wanted to try, we did stress tests and they turned out great and we started working together.

The start of a new career was tough because I fell straight into the U23 category (20-23 years). I'm gradually working up and improving my performance every year. I am a representative of the Czech Republic in TT. I am dedicated to the Olympic triathlon (1.5km swimming, 40km bike, 10km running) and I also ride shorter distances and sprint TT. I was at the European Championships in both distances as well as at the Academic World Championships 2018. At the beginning of 2018, I was approached by the Berlin TT club to race for them. This year we managed to advance from the second league to the first league.


My achievements

  • Larache Africa Cup 2019 - 7th place
  • Quarteira European Cup 2019 - 36th place
  • Kalmar Academic World Championships 2018 - 51st place
  • Dnipro EP 2018 - 29th place
  • Agadir AP 2017 - 10th place

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