Jana Slaninová

If it was way too easy, then everybody would be doing it.

Jana Slaninová

Jana Slaninová

Personal information

Name: Jana Slaninova

Place: Ostrava

Year of birth: 1990

Job Title: Trainer AK SSK Vítkovice


We have sport in the family, namely athletics, so I practically grew up at the stadium. Paradoxically, however, it dragged me in another direction, and I danced for 8 years, where I managed to win the world championship in disco dancing.

I approached athletics gradually. It started with chocolate coloured spikes, and a cross-country run, but I only began to devote myself to it at 14 years old, when I won the 300 metre Czech Republic Championship without any training. Since then, year after year, I have regularly fought for a place to represent and so far on "old knees" I have succeeded.

I am a big patriot and have trained my entire career in Ostrava at the athletic club SSK Vítkovice. Therefore, my greatest love is to always start at the home of the golden spike. I inherited speed from my mother Tanya Kocembové and so I am devoted to sprinting, namely the 100m, 200m and 400m. I want to be universal, but my biggest individual achievements have always led me to the 200m track.

Top level sport is hardwork and a sacrifice, and exactly why I love it. I devote myself fully to athletics and I travel a lot, meet new people and try to overcome my own boundaries on the track every day.

My biggest dream and the goal of any athlete, to attend the Olympic Games.



Czech Indoor champion 200m

15th place at the 4x100m World Championships


2nd place Indoor MČR 200m

Czech Champion 200m


3rd place Indoor MČR 60m

4th place MČR 200m - operation and season ended