Jaroslav Urban

Ultramarathon, for which there is no way long enough.

Jaroslav Urban

Jaroslav Urban

Personal data

Name: Jaroslav Urban

Place: Praha

Year of birth: 1984

My story

My dad brought me to a run. He has devoted himself to this sport since his own youth. A major break for me was the book called The Long Run, which put me in the right direction. I come from the Polabí region and I like the plain. Running on terrain is rather difficult for me and in summer I mostly ran outside on asphalt.

In the ultramarathon community, I feel best. Everything is sincere and friendly. The boys from the top Czech are great guys who encourage each other and this motivates me to run more and more with them. My goal, which I set at 5 years, is not so remote and I am slowly but surely getting there. I know I will have to make a lot of effort and my wife will have to be patient, but one day I'll get to Sparta. When I declared this after the 3rd half marathon, a lot of people laughed at me. Today, after reaching 11,000 km, I am still far away from my goal, but at the same time, I am much nearer.

My main goal is Spartathlon 2019 and I would like to represent the Czech Republic at the European Championship or World Championship. I also want to run Trance Gaule one day.

My successes

In 2017, I highly appreciate these results:

  • 10L700 2017 - 3rd place
  • MUM (Moravian Ultra Marathon) - 7th place
  • Czech Championship 100 km 2017 - 8th place

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