Kryštof Minárik

I love to ride on the edge

Kryštof Minárik

Kryštof Minárik

Personal data

Name: Kryštof Minárik
Place: Ostrava
Year of birth: 2006

My story

My parents brought me to sport. I started skiing at the age of two and a half and switched to snowboarding at six. I still like skiing, but I love snowboarding. I like everything about snowboarding: excellent teams, mountains, nature, races, training, traveling. I enjoy every race and training. I want to ride every arc as I wish and continue to improve. My sports goal is to race at the World Championship.

Besides snowboarding, I play floorball, ride a bicycle, raft down wild rivers and love walking in the mountains.

My successes

Czech Cup 2018 –  2nd place

  • Czech Champion in PSL –  1st place

Austrian Cup Haus im Ennstal

  • PGS 2nd place
  • PGS 1st Place

The overall winner of the Czech Cup for 2017

  • Czech Chamion in PSL 2017
  • Czech Champion in PGS 2017

Open Championship of Austria 2017

  • PGS 1st place
  • PSL 2nd place

The overall winner of the Czech Cup for 2016

  • Czech Championship in PSL 2016
  • Czech Champion in PGS 2016

Championship of Slovakia 2016

  • PSL 1st place
  • PGS 2nd place

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