Martina Chrástková

The trail is the goal, but no hill is too high to overcome and every human being is made of flesh and bone, so he/she is beatable.

Martina Chrástková

Martina Chrástková

Personal data

Name: Martina Chrástková

Place: Trutnov

Year of birth: 1985

My story

People often ask me when I started skiing – I've been skiing since the second winter of my childhood – I had red "slip ons" with teddy bears on my toes, and they didn't move or cross over. First my parents let me down the hill between them, then my dad joined our poles together and ran around me — when finally, I grabbed a pole, I was "towed" up the hill. If I didn't, I was unlucky, and I had to step up the hill alone... When I was about 4 years old, my parents signed me up for an after-school club generally focused on gymnastics. I didn't enjoy wearing a gymnastics uniform and going to the gym was boring as it wasn't enough action for me, so they took me to cross-country ski training. Trutnov cross-country skiing has a long tradition and is quite successful. And that's where cross-country skiing became my life. I didn't leave downhill skiing, but there's not much time for this when at the peak of your sport, so a return to the "thick boards" took place only with my arrival at Charles University, Faculty of Sport, as an academic there.

In Prague I graduated from the Faculty of Science, specialising in Geography and the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport with a coaching specialisation for cross-country skiing. During my doctoral studies, I was involved in kinesiological reflection on cross-country skiing. As part of my studies, I undertook work experience at the University of Calgary, Faculty of Kinesiology (2013) in Canada, where I had the opportunity to participate in kinesiology research on roller skis, both as a researcher and proband. I work at the department of Nature Sports at Charles University, Faculty of Sport in the ski department, I teach cross-country skiing techniques privately and I am engaged in living a healthy lifestyle; I draw up both professional and hobby training plans and tailor-made menus and try to show people the simplest path to health and overall contentment. In 2018, I became a KILPI ambassador and I returned to the Human Performance Lab at the University of Calgary, Faculty of Kinesiology in 2018 for a month to intern academics.

In addition to teaching cross-country skiing and downhill skiing at Charles University, Faculty of Sport, I also lead private camps teaching techniques for cross-country skiing, roller skis (in summer) and running. I work with youth clubs BKL Machov and Klecany Biathlon Club.

For 8 years I have been a member of various representative teams of the Czech Republic in cross-country skiing (RD-J, RD-U23, RD-B). I started at MS-J & MS-U23 or SP (3rd place of MSJ 2005 in Rovaniemi in the relay) as well as in the series Ski Classics or Worldloppet (2x 1st place Bieg Piastow (POL)).

In 2019 I participated in Interski 2019 Pamporovo, where I conducted two practical workshops on snow and one theoretical lecture.

My successes

  • 3rd place at the 2005 World Junior Championships Rovaniemi (FIN) relay (fastest stretch time)
  • 15th place MSJ 2004 Stryn (NOR) - 15 km Classic
  • 17th place MSJ 2005 Rovaniemi (FIN) - 5 km Classic
  • 1st place Bieg Piastów (POL) 2011 - 50 km Classic
  • 1st place SkadiLoppet (GER) 2011 - 42 km Classic
  • 1st place at the Czech Republic Harrachov 2011 - sprint skate
  • 1st place Bieg Piastów (POL) 2012 - 50 km Classic
  • 1st place at the Czech Republic Harrachov 2012 - sprint skate
  • 1x EYOF Bled 2001 (SLO)
  • 3x MSJ (Schonach (GER) 2002, Stryn (NOR) 2004, Rovaniemi (FIN) 2005))
  • 3x MS to 23 years (Kranj (SLO) 2006, Tarvisio (ITA) 2007, Malls (ITA) 2008)
  • 4x World Winter Universiade (Innsbruck (AUT) 2005, Turin (ITA) 2007, Harbin (CHI) 2009, Erzurum (TUR) 2011)
  • Started on the SP in cross-country skiing
  • Multiple time Czech Republic champion

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