Michal Činčiala

Finding my own limits, ultramarathon is in my heart.

Michal Činčiala

Michal Činčiala

Personal data

Name: Michal Činčiala

Place: Olomouc

Year of birth: 1973

My story

My sporting career can be divided into two periods. In the beginning, I focused on the triathlon. In 2008, I started with the half-ironman and later on, I turned to the ironman distance. After a number of races, I completed this season in 2012, when I successfully completed the most demanding Ironman triathlon in the world, the Norwegian Norseman Xtreme Triathlon.

I then began looking for new challenges and moved to the ultramarathon. In addition to road ultramarathons, I took part in a number of ultra trail races. I am a member of the Czech ultramarathon team, the Czech Spartathlon team and the Czech Ultramarathon Association.


My successes


  • Ultra Milano Sanremo (285 km), Italy
  • Badwater Ultramarathon (220 km), Death Valley, USA 
  • Bigfoot Ultratrail (200 mil), state Washington, USA


  • Ultra Gobi 400 - China (10th place)
  • Ultra Milano Sanremo - Italy (10th place)
  • Spartathlon - 246 km ultramarathon from Athens to Sparta in Greece (2013, 2014, 2015, with the best result in 2017 when I finished the track in 31 hours and 29 minutes)
  • Ultrabalaton - 221 km race around Lake Balaton in Hungary - 2015, 2016 (14th overall) and 2017 (18th overall), again with the best result in 2017 and the track time of 26 hours and 29 minutes
  • I am an unofficial Czech record holder in a 24-hour run on the belt, which I created during the race at the Omega Club in Olomouc, which I won with a run of 183 km
  • Kirishima Ebino Kogen Extreme Trail in Japan - 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 (in 2018 I finished in 6th place of 600 runners)
  • The Beskids Sevens - 2017 with my colleague I finished in the 9th place in the pair
  • Rock Point Mountain Challenge 24h - 24-hour ultra trail, where I ended in 6th place in 2016

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