Stanislav Najvert

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Stanislav Najvert

Stanislav Najvert

Personal details

Name: Stanislav Najvert

City: Ostrava

Year of birth: 1972

My story

I am the happy father of little Fabian, I like mountains and well-tuned people. As a boy, I played handball and did athletics for a while. After a longer stay abroad when I weighed 108 kg, I started triathlon and through it I got to ultra run. A long run in the mountains is what fulfills me the most.

Sports: Running, Cycling, Swimming, Skiing

My achievements

  • Beskydská 7 - 1st place (4x), 2nd place (1x)
  • Czech Championship in Ultra Sky Marathon 2nd place (2x), 3rd place (2x)
  • Nezmar Ska Marathon 2016 - 1st place (1x)
  • Low Tatras Fighter 2015 - 1st place (1x)
  • Lysohorský Čtyřlístek - 1st place, 2nd place (2x)
  • In previous years the winner of the Krkonoše, Jeseníky and Beskydy Mountain Challenges plus the Beskydy half.
  • LH24 – relay race (3x), 2nd place individuals (1x)
  • Silesian Marathon - 2nd place (1x), 3rd place (2x)
  • LHUT 2019 - 2nd place (1x)
  • Valachiarun Ultra - 1st place (1x), 2nd place (1x)
  • CUTT Long - 1st place (3x)
  • Ostrava Marathon 2017 - 2nd place (1x)