Kilpi BRISTEN-U sports pants have been developed for true ski alp enthusiasts who appreciate their sophisticated design, shapely cut and functionality. The base is an elastic membrane softshell, with a membrane at the front of the thighs that protects against the wind and cold, while being permeable enough. The back of the thighs consists of a combed fleece material, which supports the transport of moisture to the surface and pleasantly keeps you warm. The wide elastic waist hem can be tightened and has integrated pockets. The lower legs are reinforced with a waterproof material resistant to snow and scuffing. The sandwich quilting and shape in the knee area will give you unlimited freedom of movement. The universal black colour is complemented by reflective elements for improved visibility in the darkness and poor weather. With Kilpi BRISTEN-U pants you will enjoy ski racing, ridge crossings, cross-country training and winter skating.

The collection:
Big mountain

Type of product: Winter pants

Dedicated: For men For women

Used material: 100% POLYESTER


Size: UNI - UNI

Water resistance: 3000

Breathability: 5000

Note: QU0201KI