The Kilpi GLANDER-M men's full-zip fleece sweatshirt is made of extremely warm OPTI-HEAT microfleece, which effectively protects against the external cold, helps to maintain your own body heat and transports moisture from the base layers to the surface of the material. Use it for hiking, outdoor activities but also for outdoor work. It features a zippered chest pocket, two zippered pockets with mesh pouches that lighten the construction of the sweatshirt and also serve as ventilation holes. The high hem is finished with a chin cover, and the bottom hem has an elasticated drawstring. The Kilpi GLANDER-M is available in several colours.

The collection:

Type of product: Winter Sweatshirts, T-shirts and sweaters

Dedicated: For men

Used material: 100% POLYESTER

Applied technology: OPTI-HEAT

Size: XS - 3XL

Note: SM0210KI