The Kilpi HOSIO-W are sophisticated women's pants for outdoor and hiking activities. They are made of SIBERIUM material, which is light, breathable and highly elastic. Their greatest benefit is the ability to unzip the legs above the knees to turn the pants into shorts, which is very convenient on the go. The knee and buttock area is reinforced with an abrasion resistant ripstop material. The pants have three pockets and belt loops. The leg hems are finished with elastic and have a metal hook to attach the legs to high boots. The Kilpi HOSIO-W pants are available in three colours.

The collection:

Type of product: Summer pants and shorts

Dedicated: For women

Used material: 87% NYLON; 13% ELASTANE

Applied technology: SIBERIUM SRC SB

Size: 34 - 46

Note: RL0201KI