The KILPI LAGO-W women's all year - round pants are lightweight, breathable and made from an elasticised material called SIBERIUM SRC WB which are durable and will maintain comfort at all times. The pants have two front and one zippered back pocket and wide belt loops. Double stitching on the pants gives an elegant look as well as sturdiness. Use the LAGO pants all year round, for protection against the wind and cold, and in winter we recommend to combine them with the KILPI SPANCER-W merino wool thermal underpants. They are suitable both for light or slightly more demanding hiking, nature walks or purely for leisure.

The collection:
Big mountain

Type of product: Winter pants

Dedicated: For women

Used material: 80% NYLON, 12% POLYESTER, 8% ELASTANE

Size: 34 - 54

Weight: 400 g