The Kilpi PEROSA-U sports compression socks are ideal for high-intensity activities such as running, cross-country skiing or cycling thanks to their anatomical fit and merino wool and synthetic fibre blend material. The different types of knits are arranged according to functional zones to achieve maximum comfort. A natural property of merino wool is its ability to neutralise sweat and eliminate unpleasant odours. Polyamide fibres increase the tensile and abrasive strength of the sock. Elastane, as it is known, improves elasticity and returns socks to their original shape after washing. The progressive compression has a regenerative effect on the calf muscles and promotes blood microcirculation. The wide top hem of the sock is sufficiently elastic and does not constrict, the seamless toe cap does not press in your shoes. The Kilpi PEROSA-U socks are available in two universal colours for both men and women.

The collection:
CYCLING HIKE AND TRAVEL RUNNING Cross country Winter Accessories

Type of product:

Dedicated: For men For women

Used material: 46% MERINO, 49% POLYAMID, 5% ELASTANE

Applied technology: MERINO WOOL, COMPRESS LINE

Size: UNI - UNI

Note: SU0805KI