The Kilpi SMITHERS-W is a women's feather jacket with a quality filling of goose feathers, for leisure or outdoor activities like ski alp touring, hiking, or freeriders. It fits perfectly as a thermo-insulating top layer or mid-layer under a hardshell jacket. The filler weight at size 36 is 160g/m2, overall the jacket weighs 350g, the feather fill value is 650CUIN. The external material is treated with a water-repellent layer of DWR. The construction of sealed chambers eliminates the leakage of feather dust and also makes the overall construction light. The perimeter of the large hood and bottom hem is easily adjustable, the sleeve hems are finished with a flexible drawstring. The jacket is equipped with two zippered pockets, a bag for small items and the two-way main zipper gives you easy access when seated, or to the bottom layers of clothing. The Kilpi SMITHERS-W is available in universal black. To maintain the functionality of your down clothing, follow the instructions on the treatment label for proper washing and storage.

The collection:
Big mountain

Type of product: Winter jackets and vests

Dedicated: For women

Used material: 100% NYLON

Applied technology: SIBERIUM DWR WB, DOWN

Size: 34 - 54

Note: QL0102KI