Linda Tekeliová

I try to continue where the others have already finished.

Linda Tekeliová

Linda Tekeliová

Personal data

Name: Linda Tekeliová
Place: Petřvald u Karviné
Year of birth: 1978

My story

I have been fond of sports since my childhood. As a child, I participated in school running races, which I mostly won. My only adversary was asthma. Because of it, I couldn't do anything to the fullest. Maybe it is good, because if I had been doing some sport on top-level, who knows what my health would be like today? When I look at people who sacrificed their lives to do sports in their childhood, I find that they now have serious health problems. It is probably good that I started at a later age. I have been running actively in the mountains for the last seven years and I no longer have any problems breathing. Furthermore, I took a fitness training course, I take various courses on functional circular training, etc. Of course, I also use the knowledge in the mountains. When something comes in my way and I feel it may appeal to me, I start doing it right away.

I dislike stereotypes and I do really everything, e.g. I run around ten kilometres in about 46 to 50 minutes, go cycling, go to the gym, do inline skating, skiing...

Since I am an Aries, I always give every sport 100% effort :-) The only thing that leaves me cold is ball games. But even then, I start enjoying myself and give it everything. Running in the mountains is an absolute TOP for me :-)

My successes


  • B7 - 1st place in the mix (LONG) and 1st place for the fastest woman finisher of B7
  • LH24 - 1st place in my category


  • B7 - 4th place


  • B7 - 2nd place in the mix on a SHORT track