Luboš Seidl

When I don't know where to go next, I choose the more difficult way and it is no different in the race.

Luboš Seidl

Luboš Seidl

Personal data

Name: Luboš Seidl
Place: Hlučín
Year of Birth: 1973

My story

I am what you could call a "lifelong athlete". I did athletics when I was young; I even held the Czechoslovak junior record for 300m hurdles for 28 days. But so much water has flown under the bridge since then that there is no Czechoslovakia any more and actually neither is this athletic event.

Then I devoted myself to the dog sled sport in which I represented the Czech Republic at the World Championship, European Championship, and European Cup and World Cup races. Perhaps the most significant achievement was the victory in the World Cup finals in skijoring (cross-country skiing with a dog) in Fairbanks, Alaska in 2000, and 1st place in the overall ranking of the European ESDRA Cup (even this association no longer exists) in the canicross (running with a dog) / bikejoring (MTB with a dog) category in 2005.

With an increasing number of children and decreasing number of dogs, I started taking part in regional MTB marathons. In 2017, I made my dream of participating in a 1000-mile adventure non-stop race across former Czechoslovakia come true and discovered the magic of bikepacking. In my first time, I finished 2nd, but what was more than the result for me was the experience itself, and I found that it was the way I wanted to go further.

My achievements


  • Bolatická třicítka (Bolatice thirty) 4th/23rd
  • Silesia 90 MTB 3rd / 14th
  • 1000 miles adventure 2nd in the total ranking


  • Bikepacking expedition Oandu – Ikla trail (Estonia)
  • XC Dobroslavice 8th /30th
  • Šilheřovický Šlaušek 3rd in total ranking
  • Plesenská stezka (Plesno trail) 8th /30th


  • Iberica-Traversa 1710 km - 1st place
  • 1000 miles adventure - 2nd place
  • XC MTB Hrabyně - 3rd place / 8th


  • French Divide 2267 km – 4th place
  • Okolo Moravy 1050 km – 1st place


  • Silk Road Mountain Race (Kyrgyzstán) 1859 km – 5th place
  • Šilheřovický Šlaušek – 1 / 4
  • Ostravská MTB liga – 3rd place in whole series